Andy Mitchell was a disguise used by Saint Dane. He used this form to bully and torment Mark Dimond for his whole life. In The Lost City of Faar, Mitchell pressured Dimond into showing him Bobby Pendragon's journals in Halla. In the beginning of the series, he was seen as an idiotic, cocky thug who smoked cigarettes. To Dimond's surprise, later on, Mitchell joined his respected science club called Sci-Clops, where he helps develop a project called Forge. He revealed to be Saint Dane at , The Quillan Games. Under this disguise, Saint Dane's goal was to introduce dados to the Earth territories and disturb the rules of Halla. In The Rivers of Zadaa, Mitchell helps save Courtney Chetwynde after she was nearly killed by his other form, Whitney Wilcox. In The Pilgrims of Rayne, he joins Nevva Winter in the Queen Mary ocean liner on First Earth. He also attempts to kill Chetwynde and Dodger in a taxi. In Raven Rise Mitchell appears after the transformation of Whitney Wilcox.


  • When Mark was trying to avoid Mitchell in The Lost City of Faar, he succeeded because Saint Dane was on Cloral as Zy Roder
  • The way D.J Machale created the name Andy Mitchell was when after he grew up with two best friends Andy Dimond and Mark Mitchell he switch their names.
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