Character Info
Territory Eelong
Residence Black Water, Eelong
First appeared Black Water
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla
Physical Traits

Aron was the leader of the gars of Black Water in Eelong. He strongly opposed klees, and believed they were all at fault for the suffering of his race.

Black Water

In Black Water, Aron greatly respected Gunny, and often listened to his instructions. His suspicions were raised when an outsider, Mark Dimond, spoke their language so fluently. He had him and Boon temporarily imprisoned for disturbing "The Advent," which called all gars on Eelong to Black Water through a radio system. When the klees attacked, Gunny convinced him that it was the work of Timber, who was replaced with a disguised Saint Dane.

The Soldiers of Halla

In 'The Soldiers of Halla', Aron led the gars on the attack on the Ravinian Conclave. He was about to enter the Conclave, when he was killed by a dado.

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