Benn Spader
Character Info
Territory Cloral
Residence Magorran, Cloral
Relationships Vo Spader
Ginja Spader
First appeared The Lost City of Faar
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla
Physical Traits

Benn Spader was the father of Vo Spader and the previous traveler from the territory of Cloral. He was well-acquainted with Press Tilton, but met his demise when he was poisoned by Saint Dane. Before he died, Benn Spader left a map to Faar for his son to find, because he knew that it would be involved in the turning point of Cloral. The first half of the map was found in the room where his father's body was discovered, and the second half was sent to the territory of Zadaa to be hidden by Osa. He appears in The Lost City of Faar and The Soldiers of Halla. Saint Dane shortly tricked Vo Spader into thinking his father was alive byt momentarily shapeshifting into Benn in Faar. Benn Spader then appears in The Soldiers of Halla.

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