Character Info
Territory Eelong
First appeared Black Water
Last appeared Black Water
Physical Traits
Hair light brown
Eyes brown

""Of course we are going to cook it! We're not animals...""
—Boon speaks to Bobby Pendragon

Boon was the Acolyte of Kasha, the last generation Traveler from Eelong. He was the first klee seen by Bobby Pendragon and saved him from an early quig attack.

Appearance and personality

Boon was described as a large cat with light brown fur. He had brown eyes and was described as eager and jovial in Pendragon's journals in Eelong.

Early life

Before the war, Boon was a friend of Kasha's and essentially her mentor. Little is known about Boon before his life as an acolyte. However, according to the statement made by the klee at the gate, Boon had experience playing the game of Wippen. He had been Kasha's best friend and was chosen as her Acolyte.

Black Water

At the beginning of the war, Boon rescued Pendragon from the quig tree, and then proceeded to lead him to Leeandra. He then led Pendragon to the Circle of Klee to hear the debate of Edict Forty-Six. After that, he procured a zenzen for Bobby to get back to the flume. When Bobby left for Second Earth, Boon did not follow. He ten traveled back to Leeandra with Kasha and Bobby.

Later, Boon brought the news that Seegen was dead. He traveled with Bobby and Kasha to watch the gar being interrogated by the inquisitors, and back to Seegen's house. He did not go to Black Water with Bobby and the rest, but instead kept watch at Leeandra. Later, he met Spader, Mark, and Courtney as they arrived from Cloral. Boon then took them into Leeandra to steal weapons and some zenzens. On the way to Black Water, he saved Mark from a tang.

After the tangs and the ambush, Boon and Gunny was attacked by tangs while Mark escaped. It is unknown what happened during this time, but Boon ended up being caught by Aron and some gars, and tied up in Black Water. Later, Boon uses his claws to break Mark free from the prison. Then together, they escaped from the gars trying to capture them. They were helped by Pendragon, and they then got Mark's antidote tank to Fayne, who hooked it up and saved Black Water from the poison.

Boon then traveled with the Travelers, Acolytes, Aron and roughly fifty gars to Leeandra. They found Leeandra in shambles. He went with Kasha to the Circle of Klee and convinced him to wield the staff of viceroy again. Ranjin then proceeded to forge an alliance with the gars. When Pendragon left Eelong, Boon was trapped in the territory with Gunny and Vo Spader.

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