Courtney Chetwynde is one of the main characters of The Pendragon Adventure and one of the acolytes from Second Earth.


Courtney is confident, athletic, and bold. She's popular at school, and not just because she's pretty. She likes making jokes and sarcastic comments. She plays many sports, but her favorite is soccer.

Physical Appearance

Courtney is thought to be beautiful by most everyone in her school. She has long brown hair, and deep gray eyes. She's tall and athletic.


Mark Dimond

At first, Courtney thinks nothing of Mark. Even though they both know Bobby, they don't talk to each other. After Bobby leaves, though, the two become close while reading his journals together. Courtney considers Mark her best friend by The Pilgrims of Rayne.

Bobby Pendragon

Bobby and Courtney met in Kindergarten, and were athletic rivals ever since. Eventually their rivalry turned into admiration for each other, and then into romantic feelings. Courtney confesses her feelings to Bobby the night he leaves, and they kiss. Their relationship never becomes official, though, and they lose feelings for each other after being apart for a long time.

Mr. and Mrs. Chetwynde

Courtney has a normal relationship with her parents until she breaks down after accidentally destroying the flume on Eelong. She starts fighting with her parents all the time. They don't stop fighting until Courtney goes to summer school. After Courtney's accident at summer school, her parents treat her very gently. In Raven Rise, Courtney discovers her parents are Ravinians, and stops trusting them.

Douglas "Dodger" Curtis

Courtney meets Dodger on First Earth while searching for Mark. She doesn't trust him at all at first, worried that he'll turn out to be Saint Dane. Dodger tries desperately to get her to trust him, and Courtney reluctantly lets him help. After they see Saint Dane together, Courtney finally trusts that Dodger isn't Saint Dane in disguise. They continue to search for Mark and they become closer in the process.

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