Eelong is a territory in Halla, and the fifth to be targeted by Saint Dane. It was visited by Bobby Pendragon during the events of Black Water.


Eelong mainly consisted of two intelligent species– the klees and gars. Klees were black jungle cats that walked upright, spoke understandable language, and had opposable thumbs. Their diets consisted of many unintelligent life forms, including species of monkeys and birds. They also ate pteridons, fruits found on the territory. The klees domesticated zenzens, horses with an extra joint that offered more flexibility, for travel and recreational purposes. They lived in the city of Leeandra.

Klees often enslaved and forced gars, human-like creatures, to perform menial labor that often resulted in death. For their pleasure, on some occasions, they were pitted against each other. Most gars never received any form of education, and acted ignorantly as a result. However, they possessed an inner intelligence that was rarely given the chance to flourish. Gars were often attacked by dinosaur-like predators called tangs.

In the events of Black Water, the klees discovered that the gars had developed a city known as Black Water. There, they had educated countless memberrs of the race and had planned to retaliate. After the turning point had passed, the gars and klees united. The Circle of Klee, which was the governing body of the klees, was renamed the Circle in The Pilgrims of Rayne.


Much of Eelong was covered with jungles, rainforests, and vegetation-covered mountains.The klees built their homes amongst giant trees to protect themselves from the vicious, blood-thirsty tangs that lived on the ground. The sun is a large band across the sky.




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