Faar was an ancient island that was the only dry land on the aquatic territory of Cloral. It was home to an incredibly advanced society, made up of people called Faarians.


Generations ago on Cloral, Faar was built as the first civilization in the territory. When the water levels rose, its inhabitants built a dome to protect the city from flooding. Meanwhile, young Faarians explored the other regions of Cloral and, after failing, became known as Clorans. The people of Faar saw the Clorans as their brothers, but the civilization's existence became legend and most inhabitants of the future saw it as a myth. The Faarians, in secret, assisted the people of Cloral in farming and saved many from getting into trouble.


The Council of Faar was established to make important decisions affecting the entire future of the city. It was led by the senior to the council, Abador, at the time of Cloral's turning point. The council suggested that they transpire, or raise the city to the surface, and rejoin the Clorans.


The Lost City of Faar

In the events that take place in The Lost City of Faar, a group of Clorans, Bobby Pendragon, and Press Tilton confirm the survival of Faar. It was also discovered that they had developed an antidote to the Cloral Poison. However, Saint Dane, under the disguise of Zy Roder, targets the city for a missile strike. Before he succeeds, Bobby and Vo Spader save Faar from his goals. The dome cracked from Roder's attacks, which caused many attempts of transpiration, the act of raising the city to the surface of Cloral again.

Raven Rise

In Raven Rise, Faar became the primary location for the seat of Ravinia on Cloral.