Cquote1 I picked up the old - okay, new phone Cquote2
--Bobby Pendragon(src)

First Earth is the past of the territories Second Earth and Third Earth. As they are all some part of Earth, they are interlinked. In The Never War, it took place in 1937, in the midst of the Hindenburg crash.


First Earth was the third territory to be targeted by Saint Dane. It took place on the same planet and world as Second Earth, although it was set roughly many years in the past (it is unknown how long it goes into the past). When Bobby visited the territory, the year was 1937. Saint Dane actually did nothing on this territory, but Bobby came anyway. By coming he nearly lost 3 territories. The Hindenburg was being set up to crash. However, Bobby tried to stop it from crashing, which would result in the Germans winning World War II. Maximilian Rose had Nazi spies for him, but what he needed was money. Guess what was on the Hindenburg? Money. The Nazis, with this money, would develop advanced atomic bombs and use them to destroy every major Ally city. In The Quillan Games, this is the territory where Mark Dimond ran away to after he thought that he had lost his parents.



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