Cquote1 Halla is everything. Every territory, every living thing, every time there ever was. If Halla crumbles, there will be nothing left but darkness. Everywhere. For everyone. Cquote2
-Uncle Press, to Bobby Pendragon(src)

A Flume gate located in Second Earth.

Halla was the term used to represent every person, place, and time that has ever existed. It was the mission of the Travelers to prevent the territories of Halla from falling into chaos and keep them on their natural course of history. Saint Dane wished to destroy Halla and use what remained to create a new universe, of which he would rule over as god. In Raven Rise, Alexander Naymeer had become traveler from Second Earth and had taken sides with Saint Dane. Halla mainly consists of ten territories and seven worlds existing in different time periods. Travelers can travel through a system of flumes for quick movement between territories.


Originally, the territories of Halla were separate and completely cut off from each other. The only thing that unified the societies was the guiding hands of the spirits of Solara. Eventually, however, one of the oldest spirits, Saint Dane, became obsessed and fixated on the darker side of the man, and believed that he and he alone could guide Halla to perfection. He constructed the flumes so as to mix the territories, and began to push the societies toward chaos. Another spirit, Press Tilton, responded by giving a group of ten spirits physical bodies and powers, thus creating the Travelers, and gave them the task of stopping Saint Dane.


All people lived exclusively on one of ten territories, which were ten different locations around Halla, all of which took place at a different time and place. Each contained a specific turning point that would affect its destiny. Solara is not technically a territory; instead it is where the spirits of the inhabitants of the seven worlds go to after death. Some exist in the same world, meaning that there are only seven worlds through Halla. First, Second and Third Earth are in the same location, only at different time periods. The same concept is applied to Ibara, which is an island located in the world of Veelox, colonized centuries after The Reality Bug. Below is a list of all the territories located in Halla:



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Along with territories, Halla is also home to Solara, the essence of its existence and the birthplace of Saint Dane and the Travelers. It was unknown to Bobby Pendragon until discovering it in the tenth installment in the series, The Soldiers of Halla. When physical forms perished, their spirits were sent there.


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Another component of Halla was the Flume system. This allowed Travelers to swiftly move around the territories. They had to speak the territory's name and enter. They were greatly damaged when accessed by non-Travelers or Acolytes. Each gate is guarded by quigs, yellow-eyed creatures that appear in different forms in each territory.

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