Ibara is the future territory of Veelox. Ibara was the eighth territory targeted by Saint Dane, and exists around the turn of the 59th century on Earth. Unlike all the other territories, Ibara is not named after the planet it is on. Ibara is named after the island Ibara, which was a military outpost used to defend Rubic City.

After the fall of Veelox, almost everyone went back into Lifelight. there were so few people left to maintain Veelox that the entire territory collapsed. Literally. Everyone was either a phader, a vedder, or for the vast majority of the population, in Lifelight. The water, plumbing, and power were not maintained, and the gloid factories were neglected.

More and more people were dying and there were so few people left and the death count was so high that the vedders decided to leave those who died in their jump tubes. Eventually Lifelight itself stopped working. In Rubic City everyone divided into two groups. Forty people followed Aja Killian. Everyone else refused to accept that Lifelight had fallen. They considered themselves children of Lifelight and so named themselves Flighters. Aja's small band of people left for the island of Ibara. Aja knew that because it was once a military outpost, it would be the safest place to set up shop. They could easily defend themselves from Flighters. And as a tropical island with everything needed to support a population without technology to corrupt it, it the island was that much more ideal.

Three hundred years later, Aja's plan has worked perfectly so far. The governing body of Rayne, the Tribunal, has kept all technology away from their perfect little world. But it was time to complete Aja's vision. Anyone who questioned the world outside of Rayne was chosen to be a pilgrim to the rest of Veelox. 900 people were chosen to be a pilgrim. They were to go to the far corners of Veelox and repopulate the planet.

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