Jen Remudi
Character Info
Territory Ibara
Alias(es) Challenger Yellow
Residence Rayne, Ibara
Relationships Siry Remudi
First appeared The Quillan Games
Last appeared The Quillan Games
Physical Traits

Jen Remudi was the father of Siry Remudi and the previous generation's traveler from Ibara. He sat on the tribunal of Ibara, along with Genj, Moman, and Drea. Because his wife was killed by a flighter, he views them as monsters. In Book Three of the Travelers, becomes furious when Siry gives a captured flighter some of his wife's clothes. Pendragon thought that Jen Remudi was the Traveler from Quillan.

The Quillan Games

Nevva Winter lured Jen Remudi to Quillan, claiming that he would be the inspiration for the Revival. However, he was forced to compete in the Quillan Games, as Challenger Yellow and was killed by Saint Dane in a Tato match. It is later revealed that this was Nevva's plan all along.