Leeandra was the largest city on the territory of Eelong. Like all cities on Eelong, Leeandra was built in the trees, and comprised large tree buildings joined by walkways and train systems. The city was powered by crystals above the tree canopy which absorbed solar energy. The Circle of Klee governed the city, and presiding over the Circle of Klee was the viceroy. During the fifth book, it is mentioned that the city has a type of monorail network that needs the gars to move and work. There is also a coliseum of sorts where two gars fight to the death while numerous klees bet on the outcome of the battle. Until the Advent, Leeandra had been a peaceful city ruled by the klees who took advantage of the gars. Saint Dane manipulated the klees in the city all the way up to the higher echelons of the Council of Klee and attempted to whipe out the gars through the klees by using the gars as food due to the increasing strain across the agriculture system of Eelong, and by poisoning the gars as they made their way to Black Water during the momentous Advent. It is assumed that after an alliance was called between the gars and the klees, Leeandra became more prosperous with the advancement in technology from the gars. It is also assumed that over one million klees (more or less) live within the city.