"This is what's gonna happen...If he says he needs two weeks, give him one. If he asks for one week, give him three days. If he doesn't like it, I'll have somebody pay him a visit and convince him to like it, understand?"

-Maximilian Rose doing business with a fellow gangster over the phone

Maximilian Rose was a gangster leader in The Never War. He is also a business man who lives at the penthouse inside of Manhattan Tower Hotel. When Bobby Pendragon, Gunny, and Vo Spader were searching for the turning point on first earth, Gunny (Vincent) introduces Bobby and Spader to Max Rose, a gangster. Rose had a partnership with a gangster, Winn Farrow, who later became Max's enemy. Max calls Bobby, Buck Rogers, and Spader, Flash Gordon, when the Travelers are working for him.

When Bobby finds out Rose is helping the Nazi's, the travelers suspect he is the problem. Max Rose later hired Bobby and Spader after they saved his life from assasintaion. Max Rose was supposed to die in a car accident on May 6, 1937. With that changed Winn Farrow blew up the German zepplinn, the Hindenburg, which kept history on track. The only exception is the fact that Max Rose died by trying to save his money rather than the car accident. He entered the burning remains of the Hindenburg and was never heard of again.

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