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Nancy Olsen
File:Nancy Olsen.jpg
Nancy Olsen
Alias Jinx
Territory First Earth
Family N/A
Residence N/A
First Appearance [[]]
Vocation N/A
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Physical Information
Age N/A
Gender N/A
Eye color Green [1]

...Nacy Olsen, an incredible flier for the Coast Guard."

-Bobby Pendragon on Nancy's accomplishments and skills

Nancy "Jinx" Olsen is a celebrity guest that appears in The Never War. She was a woman pilot for the Coast Guard. She helped Bobby and Gunny get to the Hindenburg when it arrives. Jinx was grounded but she flew a pilot for Bobby.

Cquote1 The Coast Guard didn't have many women pilots back then, and Jinx was a real hotshot.[2] Cquote2


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