Patrick Mac
Patrick Mac.jpg
Character Info
Territory Third Earth
Alias(es) The Courageous Teacher
First appeared The Never War
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla
Physical Traits

Patrick Mac is the Last Generation Traveler from Third Earth. He is also a teacher and librarian. He is about Bobby's size, and looks like what Bobby Pendragon says to be a sort of nerd. It was revealed by a 'dado' receptionist at the doctors that Patrick's last name was Mac after addressing him as "Mr. Mac" in The Pilgrims of Rayne. He helped Bobby on Second Earth and Third Earth.


Traveler Powers

  1. Quick healing: Travelers are known to heal quickly, not immediately, but quickly.
  2. Flume Usage: Patrick, like all the travelers, has the ability to use the flumes without damaging them.

During the events of The Soldiers of Halla, Bobby and his fellow travelers gain Saint Dane's abilities of transformation and self-resurrection, as well as the ability to travel without using the flumes.

Role in the Series

The Never War

When Bobby and Gunny traveled to Third Earth, they were greeted by Patrick. He guided them through the underground city of Chelsea. He took them to the New York City Library, where he showed them a simulation of what would have happened if the Hindenburg had not crashed.

The Pilgrims of Rayne

In The Pilgrims of Rayne he almost went over the brink of insanity when he woke up one day with 'dados' (robots) on Third Earth, where he met up with Bobby and met Courtney. When Bobby and Courtney traveled to Third Earth, they find that it was different. Patrick Mac drives up to them, and informs them that "the future isn't what it should be". He also helps them research what Mark Dimond did on First Earth to change it.

Raven Rise

Raven Rise, Patrick went to First Earth to contact Mark and Courtney when he couldn't contact them with his ring. He informs them that the future had changed even more with the creation of Ravinia. He also gives them the Ravinian bible. Patrick helped get Mark and Courtney back to Second Earth, and helped them to try and turn the turning point right so Third Earth could be returned to normal. He is killed when a Ravinian truck swerves in front of his car, causing a deadly collision. He, along with all the other travelers, appears in the end.