This page is about the series Pendragon by DJ MacHale.

Hello, all you Pendragon fans! If you're looking at this right now, undoubtedly, you've read the books. Careful, there may be spoilers for books you haven't read yet!

Now, my name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. FYI, NO inapproriate images, text, or other media is allowed. Spamming is expressly prohibited. Oh, Halla help me. I'm starting to sound like those adults that put up signs that say, Please walk at all times.' We know it's totally not going to happen. However, please, try not to put up anything too suggestive, as younger children do read these and can use the Internet and Web.

Let's get down to business:

1. The Merchant of Death~~Denduron

2. The Lost City of Faar~~Cloral

3. The Never War~~First Earth

4. The Reality Bug~~Veelox

5. Black Water~~Eelong

6. The Rivers of Zadaa~~Zadaa

7. The Quillan Games~~Quillan

8. The Pilgrims of Rayne~~Ibara

9. Raven Rise~~Second Earth

10. The Soldiers of Halla~~Third Earth

Those are the books, as I'm sure you know. If you don't know any of them, than you have no business on this site. Shoo!

I'm not very good at these, but I hope you'll take it anyways. So, this site is all about--you guessed it, PENDRAGON! Here, you can upload pictures, information, summaries, character histories, all kinds of things about it.

Well, I'm done boring you all to death, so go and explore the pages on this site!

~~Alex, your fellow Pendragoner :)

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