Press Tilton
Press Tilton
Character Info
Territory Second Earth
Alias(es) Uncle Press


First appeared The Merchant of Death
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla
Physical Traits

Press Tilton is the Penultimate Generation Traveler from Second Earth. He dies in the book The Lost City of Faar. He is described as the favorite uncle of Bobby. When he died, he said they would see each other again. He appears at the end of Raven Rise when Bobby falls into  Naymeer's flume. All of the Travelers- Kasha, Aja Killian, Patrick Mac, Alder, Bobby Pendragon, Siry Remudi, Elli Winter, Loor, Vo Spader, and Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke, also arrive. He is the first one to arrive there. He appears in The Merchant of Death, The Lost City of Faar, Raven Rise, and The Soldiers of Halla.


Press Tilton (preferably called Uncle Press) is a character of the Pendragon series. He is a 39 year old man in the first book and is a suburban golf star living in the fictional suburb of Stony Brook, Connecticut, at the beginning of the series. He is said to have brown hair and brown eyes and to be, near the end of the series, only a little over 6' tall. His "girlfriend" is Osa, after she confesses her feelings for him in the first book. As a result in many books, Press is the one who gives the tasks to the Travelers.


After Bobby destroys Saint Dane, Press grants him and the other Travelers a normal life on their home world. In the epilogue, we are shown Bobby and Courtney in a scene mirroring their first scene in the series. However, Bobby and Courtney are much older, Bobby being confined to a hospital bed and Courtney with grayed hair. Bobby and Courtney went to different colleges and lead separate lives for several years, Bobby becoming a successful writer and Courtney becoming a TV news producer. They eventually reunite at a charity event and marry. Mark Dimond went to MIT, became a wealthy technology and died a multimillionaire at age 40 due to a heart attack. Bobby and Courtney kiss as a mysterious stranger (Press Tilton) barges into Bobby's hospital room and gives Bobby a box containing "a story. A good one. Told in thirty-seven chapters." He also mentions that he has "nine more of these to give." Possibly, these books are the journals of the Travelers. He was Bobby's favourite uncle.

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