Siry Remudi
Siry Remudi
Siry Remudi
Territory Ibara
Family Jen Remudi

Unnamed Mother

Residence Rayne
First Appearance [[]]
Vocation Traveler


Predecessor Jen Remudi
Status Jakill Leader
Physical Information
Age 15
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Siry Remudi is the Last Generation Traveler From Ibara. He is also the Leader and creator of the Jakills. Siry is the youngest of the travelers. He helped Bobby save the territories of Ibara and Third Earth.


Like all of the travelers Siry doesn't know who his birth parents are. He was adopted by Jen Remudi, the previous traveler before him. When Siry was younger Jen would tell him stories to prepare him for his life as a traveler but Jen told many stories so naturally Siry belived that was all they were. Jen told him that one day a stranger would come to Rayne needing his help and if Jen wasn't there then it would be Siry's job to help him and that he would be able to recognize him from the ring he wore.


Siry is described as looking around the age of fifteen years old. He has long, dark hair that curls into springs that bounce when he runs. He has dark skin and would be described as black on Second Earth. His eyes are dark brown, almost black and look very intense or angry. He has a thin but athletic build. Bobby describes him as "Someone who would snap for no reason. He was not the kind of guy you would want to mess with."


Siry is extremely cocky and confrontational at the beginning of The Pilgrims of Rayne. but it later turns out that he is an exceedingly charismatic and inspirational leader. For example, he shows extraordinary bravery when he leads the Jakills(this group was named after Aja Killian, aJA KILLian) his ragtag group of runaways, to intercept an invasion of Flighters. They have no actual fighting ability, yet Siry attempts to protect Rayne anyway.


Traveler Powers

  1. Quick healing: Travelers are known to heal quickly, not immediately, but quickly.
  2. Flume Usage: Siry, like all the travelers, has the ability to use the flumes without damaging them.

During the events of The Soldiers of Halla, Bobby and his fellow travelers gain Saint Dane's abilities of transformation and self-resurrection, as well as the ability to travel without using the flumes.

Role in Series

The Pilgrims of Rayne

In The Pilgrims of Rayne he is introduced as a member of the rebellious group, the Jakills (the name comes from Aja Killian, the Traveler from Veelox), in the jungles of Ibara. Gradually, Bobby convinces Siry to accept himself as a Traveler, and they help lead a battle to gain the territory Ibara. After the battle Siry goes to Zadaa to return thed dygo they used to mine tak on Denduron. However, Siry ends separated from Ibara when Bobby blows up Ibara's flume.

Raven Rise

He later appears at the end of Raven Rise with all the other travelers.

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