A tang is a red-eyed dinosaur-like predator that roams Eelong. In Black Water, tangs are dangerous monsters that hunt the gars and klees. The tangs show a small hint of intelligence when they ambush Bobby Pendragon, some gars, and klees. Bobby thought that they were the quigs of Eelong when he first arrived.


Tangs resembled dinosaurs, with scales and a tail. Tangs had three sharp claws, which were used for hunting gars and klees. When they get hungry, tangs smell like rotting meat. The fact that they have red eyes helped Bobby differentiate them from the gar-quigs he confronted in the beginning of Black Water.


Black Water

In Black Water, Bobby had to fend off tangs throughout the book.The first time one was seen was outside of the flume, leading to Bobby assuming they are quigs. However, he later realizes that the tang had red eyes, not yellow. Many tangs later show up and attack the klee foragers. In the massacre, numerous gars and one klee were killed.

The Pilgrims of Rayne

Although they do not make a physical appearance, Gunny writes in a letter to Mark and Courtney noting that the klees and gars united and created a system to avoid surprise tang attacks.

The Soldiers Of Halla

Bobby was attacked by a tang almost as soon he set foot on Eelong, but was saved by a gar, who blew a whistle and tamed it. When the klees, under the influence of Ravinia, revived Edict Forty-Six and attempt to attack Black Water, the gars reveal that they had been taming tangs and called for them to attack the klees as a last resort.

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