The Convergence was Saint Dane's final goal. He planned to throw Halla completely off its pre-determined course by totally mixing the territories and throwing everything into chaos. At this point, each territory would no longer have its own destiny, Solara would be destroyed and replaced by its darker version, and Saint Dane could step in and rebuild Halla with him as its ruler.

The cult Ravinia was instrumental in the Convergence. This organization, headed by Alexander Naymeer, had two goals. First, to help the elite flourish at the expense of the weak. Second, to mix the territories completely for the benefit of Ravinia. Eventually, between the malevolent desires and actions by the Ravinians, the complete intermixing of the territories, and the personal downfall of Bobby Pendragon, Solara was practically defeated, the territories no longer had individual destinies, and the Convergence was complete.

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