The Never War
The Never War Cover
Main Territory First Earth
Other Territories Third Earth, Second Earth
Published May 1, 2003
Publisher Aladdin
Pages 352 pp
(first edition, paperback)
ISBN 0-7434-3733-0
OCLC 52143216
Number in Series 3
Preceded by The Lost City of Faar
Followed by The Reality Bug

The Never War is the third Pendragon book. The book takes place on First Earth.

Cquote1 First Earth.

Fourteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon is a loyal friend, sports star, devoted pet owner -- and Traveler. Along with his uncle Press, Bobby has visited the alternate dimension of Denduron and participated in a civil war. He's also waded through the endangered underwater territory of Cloral. Now Bobby once again finds himself thrust beyond the boundaries of time and space into a place that seems somewhat familiar: First Earth.

Bobby and the Traveler from Cloral -- Spader -- have flumed to New York City, 1937. Against a backdrop of gangsters, swing music, and the distant sound of a brewing war, the two must uncover the evil Saint Dane's newest plot. But is Bobby ready for the difficult choices ahead.


Blurb on the back of The Never War


In this book, Bobby and Spader flume to First Earth (1937). They meet the Traveler from First Earth who is Vincent (more commonly called Gunny) Van Dyke. The gangster mob lord, Winn Farrow, is trying to get even with Maximillian Rose, another mob lord who worked with Farrow during the Prohibition. The pair amassed a large fortune selling illegal booze, but Rose spent his money wisely, while Farrow didn't. When the Prohibition ended, Farrow was broke from spending so much of his money. Rose, on the other hand, was very wealthy, much to the jealousy of Farrow. Rose eventually had made a very large criminal empire, so he began working with the Nazi party in Germany. They payed him to give them intelligence about many things. As Bobby finds out, the Hindenburg is carrying an extremely large payment for Rose so that he can pay his spy network. If Rose got the payment, his spy network would keep going and eventually give the Nazis information on the atomic bomb. A Nazi scientist named Dani Schmidt would create the atomic bomb, thus ending World War II in the Nazis' favor by annihilating all of the Allied Powers' capitals. Adolph Hitler's evil vision would become reality. Bobby and Gunny found this out when they flumed to Third Earth (Earth in the year 5010). They also met Third Earth's Traveler, Patrick Mac. Spader, however, stayed behind to try and figure out how to save the Hindenburg (as that is what the trio of Travelers originally thought would save the Earth Territories as we/Bobby knows them), as Winn Farrow was going to destroy the Hindenburg with a small rocket that would ignite the hydrogen inside the zeppelin and incinerate the Hindenburg in 37 seconds (more information from the computer on Third Earth). When Bobby and Gunny returned to First Earth, they had to make sure Farrow succeeded. However, at the last second, Bobby couldn't live with the fact that many people aboard the Hindenburg would die and almost kicked over Farrow's rocket. However, Gunny stopped him, thus destroying the Hindenburg and saving the Earth Territories. 

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