Third Earth is Earth set in the 51st century, where as Second Earth is set in present time.

History and Technology

Third Earth was a highly advanced territory in the 51st century. It was a utopian society with one central government working together to help the planet. Third Earth had a variety of new technologies such as an advanced cell phone, one-size fits all shoes, soundless electric cars, and a supercomputer that stored information on nearly every subject in the territory. It could also predict the future using a mathematic equation and foretell potential outcomes of events in the past. as Patrick puts it, "If you change even one digit of an equation, the outcome is different." Years before the arrival of Bobby Pendragon and Gunny VanDyke on Third Earth, the territory was having major overpopulation problems. To avoid the eventual overcrowding of the planet, the people moved underground and built vast subterranean cities and colonized the remaining planets in the solar system. Over time the pollution problems on Earth began to recede, becoming healthier. A few people stayed above ground in cube-like houses. Above ground, people used bicycles and electric cars to get around.

After the events of The Quillan Games certain things on Third Earth began to change. First, with the creation of Forge on Second Earth, Dados became a common sight on the territory. As time went on, the entire lifestyle of Third Earth changed, with new technologies discovered in the past allowing people to live above ground in the present. During Raven Rise the territory is sent into a post apocalyptic state. This was an effect of the creation of Ravinia, a cult on second earth. The cult was created by Alexander Naymeer, a traveler from second earth, who was influenced by Saint Dane. The final battle for the world of Earth was fought on Third Earth.

Before Raven Rise

Third Earth is shown as a perfect place where humanity has taken the best possible turn. Prior to the event of Merchant of Death, Saint Dane burned old book of that held historical values such as Gutenberg Bible for unknown reasons. Press and Em Stickler teamed up to protect some books to hid them away from the library.

After Raven Rise

None of its former achievements are made. It is a completely irradiated wasteland save for the Ravinian conclaves.


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