Veelox is the fourth world and territory that Bobby Pendragon visits. On this territory he finds a virtual reality simulator that is called Lifelight that almost everybody is in. Less than 0.1 percent of Veelox's population actually works in the real world. Most of these people are either phaders or vedders, which help run Lifelight. Very few people work outside of Lifelight, and for this reason, Veelox is dying. Outside of LifeLight, Veelox is described as being fairly similar to Second Earth. Due to the deindustrialization caused by the spread of Lifelight, the most common food on Veelox is an artificially flavored pudding substance called Gloid. The largest city on Veelox is Rubic City. To combat the continuing spread of Lifelight, Aja Killian established the isolated island community of Rayne on the island of Ibara, leading Veelox into its second territory and Turning Point.

Bobby Pendragon works with Aja Killian to try to save the territory, but fails. But in the The Pilgrims of Rayne Pendragon is transported via the flumes to the island of Ibara that is located on Veelox to assist the turning point there. It is learned there that Aja Killian, after the Main Islands of Veelox fell to the Flighters and disrepair, and most of the population died due to LifeLight, she moved the remaining population that agreed with her to Ibara (on the same planet, Veelox). 


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