Whitney Wilcox
Character Info
Territory Second Earth (disguise)
Alias(es) Saint Dane
Residence The Berkshires, CT
First appeared The Rivers of Zadaa
Last appeared Raven Rise
Physical Traits

Whitney Wilcox was a disguise of Saint Dane on Second Earth. A preppy, athletic New England boy who attended Stansfield Academy, the summer school Courtney Chetwynde went to, Wilcox pretended to develop a crush on Courtney, while at the same time stalking her in a sinister black car. Courtney started to develop a crush of her own on him, and accepted an invitation to meet him in town. While Courtney was biking along a deserted road on her way to the pizza place they had agreed to meet at, Whitney ran her down in the black car. He then transformed into Saint Dane and fled. Wilcox first appeared in The Rivers of Zadaa. In Raven Rise, he transformed into Wilcox after disguising as Eugene, a supposed follower of Alexander Naymeer.

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